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Among the industrial ruins of America, a new generation is rebuilding home.

When the steel mills shut down in Youngstown Ohio, it shattered a way of life. Over half the population left. Thousands of empty blighted homes were left behind, eroding the social fabric of this once mighty industrial base. Like many post industrial towns, persistent joblessness, crime and poverty plague the city.

Filmed over the course of 2 1/2 years, this film weaves the lives of a new generation of residents who have grown up in a world of post industrial decline. Unlike their parents generation, haunted and traumatized by watching their way of life crumble around them, this generation is able to envision a new future, and they are working to make a life for themselves in their hometown.

This film is an inspiring testimony to the modest but profound resilience and dedication it takes to transform a community. A crucial story to be heard at a time of extreme inequality, divisiveness, upheaval and uncertainty, "The Place That Makes Us" is a meditation on the meaning of home in America today.  


Karla Murthy
Karla Murthy, Alexandra Nikolchev, Julia Lewis
Executive Producer: 
Jad Abumrad
Alexandra Nikolchev
Bobak Lotfipour, Casey Trela
United States
70 minutes


Virtual Streaming
Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 3:00pm