Narrative Short
The Desperate

On a rainy night near a concentration camp being bombed during the waning years of WWII, the son of a top-ranking and fearsome Nazi General is mortally wounded. With the camp's doctor having been transferred to the eastern front, the only doctor who is available to perform the life-saving surgery is a condemned, elderly Jewish inmate at the camp.

Upon summoning the man, the General commands the Jewish doctor to perform the surgery, but the doctor refuses, saying that he will not help his enemy to continue to massacre his own people. The General threatens the doctor's life, and the camp's Commandant is only too happy to oblige, but the doctor still replies that his life will end soon in the camp's ovens anyway. The General then offers freedom to the doctor if he cooperates. The doctor still refuses. The General then begs the doctor to save his only son, but the doctor then objects that the Nazis did not save his only son but hanged him for smuggling food in to starving ghetto children. Then all the General's hopes are dashed as the distant sounds of a prison train can be heard approaching the camp.

With the General at an impasse, he discovers that he must connect with the underlying humanity that connects them both as fathers before there is to be any hope for his son.


Ben Hur Sepehr
Ben Hur Sepehr
Ben Hur Sepehr
Derrick Warfel, Ramin Rahmanpour
Hiroki Miyano
Peter Mark Richman Greg Mullavey Alexander Leeb Josie DiVincenzo Kevin Ostenstad Leo Foti
United States
33 minutes
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Market House - Black Box Theatre
Friday, November 5, 2010 - 9:00pm
Maiden Alley Cinema
Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 1:00pm