Sunset to Sunset
Sunset to Sunset

In a city known for its love of cars, one pedestrian with a Super 8 camera walks across Los Angeles, coming face to face with the metropolis instead of watching it blur by through a windshield. The day-long walk down culturally-diverse Santa Monica Boulevard, beginning at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard at sunrise and ending at Santa Monica Beach at sunset, inspires filmmaker Kent Hayward to contemplate the changing nature of the city, motion pictures and himself. Taking one frame of film every 20 steps, the filmmaker condenses a 12-hour walk into three minutes of film. As a result, the short experimental documentary ironically speeds by so quickly that the audience can only absorb snatches of the commentary subtitles, which linger on Haywards memories of certain street corners, focus on the people he passes and question what his future in the City of Angels may hold.

The film may also be watched frame by frame, so that viewers may fully examine the text elements, map and individual images. By stepping through each frame instead of watching it at full speed, the viewer experiences the film in a way that's akin to walking through a city instead of driving through it, echoing Haywards step-by-step pace and revealing all the details of his secret daydreams surrounding the city he calls home.


Kent Hayward
Kent Hayward
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Kent Hayward
Kent Hayward
Kent Hayward
United States
3 minutes
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Maiden Alley Cinema
Friday, November 5, 2010 - 7:00pm
Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 1:00pm